Author: Nadeem Ansari FCIM FIDM

Google Updates
12Oct, 2018

Clarification by Google About Its Recent Algorithm Updates

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, has published a series of tweets regarding recent updates to search algorithms. Sometimes, an update may be more noticeable. We aim to confirm those when we feel there is actionable information that content owners might take. For example, when our Speed Update happened, with gave months of advanced notice and [...]
DoLocal Local digital marketing agency Liverpool
11Oct, 2018

Effects of Google Plus closure on local SEO

What should local businesses do now that Google+ is closing? Not worry about it. Google+ was one more social network that emerged following the success of Facebook and Twitter making life worse for small business owners in wondering which channel will outdo the others. Except for the image-based networks like Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat, other [...]
Scamming the public - premium rate calls
03Jul, 2018

Combating scamming: the latest threat to HMRC customers

Combating scamming: the latest threat to HMRC customers I’m Donald Wooller. I work in the Customer Protection team at HMRC. In support of Scam Awareness month, I’d like to share details about one of the lesser known scams we’re currently dealing with. I’ve previously blogged about SMiShing where criminals try to steal people’s money or data, usually [...]
GDPR Compliance guide
12Jun, 2018

GDPR Guide and Checklist

General Data Protection Regulation Guide GDPR is applicable to almost every organisation that holds/uses or processes personal data relating to EU residents. These may be your customers, staff or suppliers. Your organisation should be clear about the information it holds, where and how it is stored, and who the information is being shared with. Key Definitions Data Controller [...]