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Local SEO Company
29Sep, 2020

Local SEO Company

Local SEO meaning Much like regular SEO, local SEO is a series of actions and strategies designed to improve your visibility on Google and other search engines when people close to your physical location perform a search. While it might sound complicated, at its core, SEO is just another name for practices that improve sales [...]
Local SEO for Law Firms
25Oct, 2019

Local SEO Services For Law Firms

SEO Result: From zero to HERO in one month Local SEO for law firms is a critical part of attracting more local clients.  As law firm SEO experts in Liverpool we regularly share law firm seo tips in our blogs and offer best seo services for attorneys all over Merseyside.  When doing SEO for solicitors or lawyers we first [...]
IKEA Case Study Smart SEO
17Apr, 2019

How IKEA aimed to solve life’s biggest problems with smart SEO

Having a great reputation for function and value isn’t a bad place for a superbrand to be in – but, as IKEA understands all too well, it can come with certain drawbacks. “It’s not good when brands connect only to your brain,” explains IKEA Marketing Project Leader Carin Jacobsson. “Because then people will only go [...]
APT Consultancy Services R&D Tax Credits Consultants Liverpool
17Jan, 2019

Local SEO services for small businesses in Liverpool

Liverpool based Apt Consultancy Services Ltd are a very small company but offer a very specialised service to businesses of all sizes.  Whether you are a company of five or five hundred they can provide you a personal service that sets them apart from the rest. And they are R&D tax credits consultants in Liverpool. They [...]
Local SEO company Liverpool
19Jun, 2018

Global to Local SEO

This global car rental brand was launching in Dubai and wanted to target visitors, expats as well as locals. We agreed on a bi-lingual Win A Car Each Month competition and promoted it using Social Media, Google Adwords, Email Marketing (list bought through mainstream English/Arabic newspaper) and print ads. The users had to Like and [...]
Local SEO specialist Liverpool
17Jun, 2018

Local SEO Services

SEO Result: Increased Visitors by 65% in 60 days Client based in Houston, Texas offered cargo moving services within a small area. They wanted to increase site traffic and conversions. We did a detailed site audit. Fixed the SEO issues that arose and added local SEO elements to cover surrounding areas, extending the reach to Sugarland, [...]
Social Media Agency Liverpool
15Jun, 2018

Target a niche with digital marketing in UK

The client wanted to target a niche with digital marketing, Asian housewives in the UK, and offer them a one to one personal fitness training service by a female instructor via video link. We created a heat map of key Asian areas in the UK and then used both, online and offline marketing. We used PPC [...]