Environmental Consultancy Services in Liverpool

One of our directors is a certified Chartered Environmentalist and a registered member of the Royal Society for the Environment. She is a full member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), which is an international membership organisation committed to global sustainability.

With over 18 years of international experience in environmental management and climate change solutions, we have skills in policy analysis, strategic planning, training and awareness raising. We have a proven record of creating and executing high profile, complex programmes and projects in changing, fast-paced and diverse environments, while effectively engaging with diverse stakeholders. We specialize in change management, as well as in developing and leading high performing multidisciplinary teams of technical experts to achieve creative solutions across disciplines, and to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Therefore, we also offer the following services:

  • Environment and climate change awareness raising activities: related to specific issues pertaining to businesses, governmental and non-governmental organisations, non-profits and other urban settings
  • Environmental orientation workshops for students: school sessions and activities to introduce students to environmental, climate change and sustainability issues locally, nationally and globally
  • Environmental education workshops for teachers: training sessions and activities to help teachers integrate environment, sustainable development and climate change in the curriculum
  • Writing articles and blogs for specific environmental and climate change issues for clients: based on current knowledge and available data, synthesis of complex environmental and climate change issues and solutions in reader friendly formats for websites, magazines and other media
  • Research and data analysis for local environmental issues: undertaking data collection and analysis for local environmental issues (air, water and land pollution, etc.), as well as providing guidelines and current solutions for their mitigation (such as information on renewables, carbon capture and greening of urban areas etc.)
  • Creative solutions for change management: providing ethical guidelines for organisations and other entities to move towards sustainable economic and social development.

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