Has Google Updated Its Algorithm in October?

Google Oct Update - SEM Rush
11Oct, 2018

I have been monitoring the comments on  WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World and this is what I heard around the 8th and 9th of October 2018:

“Slight upswing today – anybody seeing something similar?”

“I had very strong traffic this morning. Something atypical for a Monday.”

“Something seems to be rolling out this morning, some kind of testing. I’ve been hit pretty hard by the Sept 27th update, it erased my gains over the month of September and then some. But last hour I saw a massive spike in traffic 10x, but it was short lived, it lasted about 10 or 15 minutes and then fizzled. Traffic was coming from Google to wide array of landing pages, as is normal for my site. Bounce rate, time on page and Adsense CTR were all normal. So it appeared to be legitimate traffic. Now my traffic has resettled to where it was before the peak.”

“Yes, on my highest volume keywords I’m seeing my pages appear and disappear from the search seemingly at random every time I check. Traffic is quite inconsistent and Adsense keeps having a fit and showing bad ads in response to the traffic surges. I assume it can’t tell the difference between genuine traffic and clickbombing.”

“I said that my site benefited yesterday. I had a peak traffic on Monday morning. Something very unusual.””Semrush, Organic Research in UK, I had an immense improvement in my position. Something around 1500%”

Following are the analysis and data from various automated tracking tools. You can see for yourself how the rankings have been behaving:



Google Oct Update - SEM Rush


Google Oct Update - Accuranker



Advanced Web Rankings:

Google Oct Update - AdvanceWebRanking



Google Oct Update - RankRanger



Google Oct Update - SerpMetrics


Google Oct Update - Mozcast

So, have you noticed anything? Share your views with me (Nadeem Ansari FCIM FIDM) on Twitter. Let us know what happened and if you have found any fixes for this.


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