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11Oct, 2018

What should local businesses do now that Google+ is closing?

Not worry about it.

Google+ was one more social network that emerged following the success of Facebook and Twitter making life worse for small business owners in wondering which channel will outdo the others.

Except for the image-based networks like Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat, other social media channels didn’t really make it to the big league but they still continued to exist, Google Plus probably longer than the rest.

As a rule of thumb, it is always better to share best content on your site first and then anywhere else.

The closure of Google+ however, teaches us that nothing online is forever. Everything online is transient, temporary. Obviously, I doubt that you have been saving your best content for Google+, but as I mentioned above, best practice is to put it on your website first, which you own and are in total control of,  and then share it around on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the usual social networks.

The best tip for Local SEO is to put more effort into your Google My Business Posts. Google+ is shutting down but Google My Business Posts are opening up. Yes, we know it isn’t a social network but it provides an excellent opportunity to use the type of content that you might be posting on Google+ in a way that it captures people’s attention in the middle of all the action i.e. Search Engine Results Pages, as part of your Googe My Business listing.

With a 1,500 character limit per GMB Post, There are great opportunities for a variety of announcement and content types on Google My Business Posts, and with its limit of 1500 characters, there is a lot you can post. But remember only the first 100 characters (or fewer) of the Post appear in the business’ Knowledge Panel os make that interesting. A Google My Business Post can also include an image, copy, a Call To Action  and a URL that you can use to link to a landing page.

Originally Google Places (now Google My Business) was integrated heavily with Google+, with the introduction of Google+ Local, the relevance of G+ on local SEO in recent years has been very insignificant. So don’t worry as with this is one Google update you don’t need to lose any sleep.