Kinza Kazmi

Kinza Kazmi - Regional Manager - DoLocal UK Ltd.

Kinza Kazmi

Zonal Head - South Asia & USA

Can be found cuddling her pets in her free time! Kinza is a multi-talented lively energetic woman -a certified Taekwondo martial artist, certified professional baker, artist or rather a “creative” by inheritance and a social media marketer by profession.

Academically she is an MBA with majors in Marketing from LSE University. She has further enhanced her digital marketing skills by getting a certification in SEO from LUMS University.

“Success depends on being where your customers are – these days your target audience is glued onto their digital devices 24/7 so be there and increase your Brand Awareness and Engagement to the maximum! To achieve this, a keen SEO strategy is the key because without applying this all the marketing efforts of a brand are just wasted!” – Kinza Kazmi