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Muhammad Hassan (NED)

Hassan - Head of Projects - DoLocal

Muhammad Hassan (NED)

Head of Projects

Hassan, is the Head of Projects at DoLocal. He is a highly skilled full-stack developer with a robust background in Computer Science. His extensive knowledge spans across programming languages, frameworks, databases, and various web development technologies, making him a versatile and indispensable team member. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and certifications in Project Management, Hassan’s expertise allows him to oversee and manage complex projects efficiently, ensuring they are delivered on time and to the highest standards. He is pursuing a post-graduate degree in Computer Science with a major in AI at NED University. His ability to seamlessly integrate front-end and back-end technologies ensures that DoLocal’s digital solutions are innovative and reliable. Known for his strategic vision and technical proficiency, Hassan plays a pivotal role in driving the success of DoLocal’s projects and enhancing the company’s technological capabilities.

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