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Best SEO Tips For Dentists - Liverpool UK
15Mar, 2020

What are the Best Digital Marketing & SEO Tips For Dental Practices in Liverpool?

Get more patients for you dental practice in 2020

2020 will be an exciting year for dentistry. Overall, technology has been the driving force behind the biggest changes in dentistry, and this year is no exception. Treatment outcomes will be improved thanks to the wider implementation of 3D printing technologies in dental offices resulting in same-day restorations. Alongside group practices growing stronger, and a wave of female dentists coming into the field, dentistry is advancing at a quick pace which is affecting almost every area of the current dental clinic

At the same time consumer behaviour is changing world over including the healthcare industry. Since most people now have a handheld device that is connected to the internet, people have stopped thinking. 89% of consumers turn to their mobile or other device as soon as they start looking for a solution to their medical queries/emergencies.

Today, people are looking for simplicity and ease when searching or placing orders. They anticipate exceptional customer service and, most importantly, personalisation, with 77% of consumers expecting products and offers that appeal to their personal tastes.1

How to Optimize Your Dental Surgery’s Google My Business Page?

Local results appear for people who search for businesses and places near their location. They’re shown in a number of places across Maps and Search. In the image below, Google uses local results to suggest some options.

dental seo marketing: local SEO for dental practicesThe Local Pack listing alone accounts for approximately 44 percent of clicks by users of Google, primarily with traffic to the business name and the website link.

To start with, if you already haven’t, claim your Google My Business page. It is FREE.

To optimize it do the following:

  • Select the right category for your business
  • Enter complete data (NAP – Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • Verify your location(s)
  • Keep your hours accurate
  • Manage and respond to reviews
  • Add photos

What do I Need to Fix on My Dental Practice Website?

You need to add/fix a few things on your website

  • Offer Online appointment booking
  • Online payment option
  • Offer Online Chat so patients can communicate quickly with dental receptionist
  • Add profiles for each dentist
  • Regularly add fresh, relevant and quality content, something that is useful for the patients

And some more technical stuff:

  • Use secure server. Instead of http use https
  • Make it mobile-friendly – Use responsive design and/or create AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) of your website
  • Improve your page speed – Google announce that from July 2018 page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

Do I Need To Add a Blog To My Dental Surgery Website?

  • Correct a wrong assumption – When asked about the biggest barriers to going to the dentist, 40 percent of Cigna survey participants said that because they weren’t in pain, they didn’t need to go see a dentist.
  • Write about new trends
  • Create blogs around healthy habits

What are the best Social Media ideas for Dentists?

Post useful content that impels people to share.

  • Educate your patients by posting  educational infographics
  • Remind them about the dental benefits they’re paying for but not using
  • Create videos highlighting the work you do
  • Show before and after images
  • Sharing your customer photos or reviews instills greater trust with your followers, increasing the likelihood of shares, likes, and comments

How Useful Is Video Marketing For Dental Practices?

Wyzowl’s 2017 State of Video Marketing survey shows that:

  • 83% of those using video think it gives them a good ROI; 82% think it’s a key part of their strategy.
  • Of those that aren’t using video, 73% have bought a product after watching a video.
  • 97% of businesses using explainer videos say it helps users understand their business better.
  • 94% of businesses see video as an effective tool.
  • 81% saw an increase in sales.

What Are Some Good Video Ideas For Dental Practices?

  • Welcome videos
  • Dentists profile videos
  • Patient review videos
  • Procedure and treatment overviews
  • Educational videos on FAQs or dental conditions

Where to Add Listings on Directories Specific to Dentists?

In addition to traditional directories like Yelp, 192, Yell and your Google My Business page, you should add your listings on directories or directory sections specific to Dentists:

How to run a PPC Campaign For Dental Surgery?

Run a Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Campaign using best converting dental keywords. Run targeted ads Googe and/or Facebook and advertise specials rates and prices on specific procedures and services. By advertising your price upfront you are addressing one of the biggest issues consumers have.

How To Get Reviews From Dental Patients?

According to BrightLocal, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust suggestions from their personal network.

Few ways to get/show reviews from patients:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Relevant dentist directories mentioned above
  • Ask them
  • Let them give a quick video testimonial after an appointment
  • Ask them via email
  • Sign up for a review software (paid or free) like Trustpilot or Free Index and automate the process

How to Use Email Marketing for Dental Surgery?

Email is still one of the best ways to improve retention and produce new patients. But don’t rush into it. Develop a plan in advance.

To maintain a healthy list of subscribers, make sure your subject lines and content are relevant and enticing.

Use emails for the following:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Refer a friend campaigns
  • Latest dental news
  • Announcements about the latest additions to your practice.This could be new technology or personnel, or both
  • Send tips on how to maintain healthy teeth by season
  • New dental health product reviews

How to do a good digital marketing campaign for a Dental Surgery, something that covers all of the above?

Doing all of the above needs time, dedication and know how. Many dentists make the mistake of arming themselves with creative dental marketing ideas, but they don’t take into account that those ideas actually need to be executed flawlessly.

One more thing you need to be aware of are the rules and regulations. If you don’t know what you can and can’t say and data you can and can’t use, you need ask for professional help.

We, DoLocal, the best dental marketing company in Liverpool  will do all the above for you at a very reasonable price. If you need any help, give us a call and I’ll help you get your dental marketing in order. Our initial consultation is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Call us on 0151 5151 455 or click here to get in touch.


1KPMG, “Global Retail Trends,” 2017

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