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Google Search Console New Look

Google Search Console Gets A Facelift

Google Search Console Gets A Facelift Google has rolled out a new look for Google Search Console 'supposedly' aimed at improving accessibility and user experience. You should be able to see the new design if [...] Read More
Latest updates to Google My Business

New Options For Google My Business

New Options For Google My Business Include Services, Bookings and Streamlined Catalogue Upload Starting next week, you’ll be able to create Posts about upcoming events including when and where they’re happening — whether you’re throwing [...] Read More
Does duplicate content really matter

Does duplicate content really matter?

What to do about stolen content Do you work hard writing content for your website? Some people use automated software to steal content. The process is called 'content scraping'. Website owners have been concerned about [...] Read More
Google Data Centre

Where does Google search data come from?

This building probably knows more about you than yourself Almost everyone you know uses Google to search for something or the other. Google search figures go up each day. Can this amount of queries become [...] Read More
Google Oct Update - SEM Rush

Has Google Updated Its Algorithm in October?

I have been monitoring the comments on  WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World and this is what I heard around the 8th and 9th of October 2018: "Slight upswing today - anybody seeing something similar?" "I had very strong traffic [...] Read More